The Philosophers Perch

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The Philosophers Perch.

There once was a great philosopher, that stood high and mighty on his balcony through out the nights,
Religiously he observed the skies and the moon in light of learning the secrets of the very night, he watched the rotations and placements of the stars with a vast knowledge of it’s cycle, he was proud and wise with his understanding, and thus for he knew the ways of the night.
One night, a fool came drunkenly stumbling by the philosophers mighty balcony laughing in delight in his state of mind, he then fell below where the philosopher stood on his perch and threw up on his stairway.
“YOU FOOL!” Exclaimed the philosopher. “I have much work here to be done, why do you make a mockery of my tidings!?”
The fool then dizzily looked up at the philosopher, and murmured in sorrow,
“I’m sorry, pardon the sickness I have, I have had a long night”
The philosopher then commanded the fool to tell him what he knew of long nights, for he knew of how long nights were to the very second, to the number of stars that filled the sky, and to the cycle of it’s upward beauty.
The fool then humbly said,
“I know not of the length of nights, but I know of the length of love I shared with my friends through the celebration of the night itself”
The philosopher then look puzzled
The fool then got up and said, “I’m sorry, I mean no harm, I must go, for the sun rises soon, and I must rest so that I may come to enjoy the spirit of another night”
That very night before the sun came to rise, The philosopher had seen he was clouded by the wisdom of his thought,
taught by the wisest of them all, he never saw the night again…
He lived it.

Arias John Sebastián Harrington

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