The Philosophers Perch

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The Philosophers Perch.

There once was a great philosopher, that stood high and mighty on his balcony through out the nights,
Religiously he observed the skies and the moon in light of learning the secrets of the very night, he watched the rotations and placements of the stars with a vast knowledge of it’s cycle, he was proud and wise with his understanding, and thus for he knew the ways of the night.
One night, a fool came drunkenly stumbling by the philosophers mighty balcony laughing in delight in his state of mind, he then fell below where the philosopher stood on his perch and threw up on his stairway.
“YOU FOOL!” Exclaimed the philosopher. “I have much work here to be done, why do you make a mockery of my tidings!?”
The fool then dizzily looked up at the philosopher, and murmured in sorrow,
“I’m sorry, pardon the sickness I have, I have had a long night”
The philosopher then commanded the fool to tell him what he knew of long nights, for he knew of how long nights were to the very second, to the number of stars that filled the sky, and to the cycle of it’s upward beauty.
The fool then humbly said,
“I know not of the length of nights, but I know of the length of love I shared with my friends through the celebration of the night itself”
The philosopher then look puzzled
The fool then got up and said, “I’m sorry, I mean no harm, I must go, for the sun rises soon, and I must rest so that I may come to enjoy the spirit of another night”
That very night before the sun came to rise, The philosopher had seen he was clouded by the wisdom of his thought,
taught by the wisest of them all, he never saw the night again…
He lived it.

Arias John Sebastián Harrington

© 2017 SowTruth Records. All Rights Reserved

The Fight For Peace

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The Fight For Peace

In a world restrained of union and shackled in pain
Where we suffer the same feats but feel alone within our chains
Where speaking up and speaking out is all that’s on our brains
But we say nothing in distraction of possessions, confiding in our gains
Disregarding that all along our hearts wish to keep fighting for some change!
Where every day we utter our defeat and make home to our disdain
Where our say is ignored without merit, and nothing of respect
Even though we all feel the same way and wish to dare it, our world leaders do nothing but neglect.
The struggle, the tyranny, the good man starving while the bad eats within his irony
When will there be peace, equality, a feast among ebony and ivory
A feast among all nations of the world, colors, creeds, men, women, boys, and girls
Not just of food but of the knowledge, the higher mind divine
In consciousness awakening where no horizons can be drawn but to engrave the bottom line
Where we stand we will not suffer, and all things can be spread and worldly shared.
Where the devil of our governments will not televise our minds despair!
The ego, the greed, the man that makes you pay for the land and the seed, Who chargers you to drink and presses charges on you when you begin to really think

Our generation, we are on the brink of becoming truly free, of knowing peace to you and me. 

First we must see the truth and be at peace within those in who we be,
To know we’re not alone, we all feel the same in this world to be set free

money cannot buy the soul desire, the passion the fire, the heart to feed our humanity, 

Lets learn in unity, yearn for you and me, fight for the cause to cause a world preserved by tranquility!


– Arias John Sebastián Harrington​

© 2017 SowTruth Records. All Rights Reserved.

A Life of Fulfillment

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There comes a time in life where the regular wear and tear can either become too much to bear or too repetitive to stand happily engaged in. It’s in this moment where I advise people to take a moment to breath, and gather the organization tools needed to ease up their life (prodiminatly a calender and a to do list). At times we must write down and compare the things we do do and the things we want to do, and sort out in written list how we can make it work for the better good of our dreams. Somethings may need to be let go of, others may need to be picked up. Much of things do not happen over night, but rather it is the exercise of completing small things day by day the build up and unfold into some of our wildest dreams. I feel, that in this day and age it can be a journey and a joy to find success in the things we want to do, and that we no longer have to suffer a great feat to achieve our goals. It’s all in the mind, following the heart, with no doubt just an open reception to the next set of life provisions to keep on keeping on, with gratitude for every blessing. In this process you catch life like a wave to ride, and it truly heals the burden. I hope this helps others fully understand that with some critical thinking and a few adjustments, they can be living the life they have always dreamed of built up little by little but felt greatly and experienced in the here and now. If you can’t change your enemies, do change your energies, I’m tellin’ you, POSITIVITY IT WORKS! -Arias

Morning Wisdom

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“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Always we should know and keep in our hearts faithfully that the output of our minds is the input of our lives. We create our realities simply by thinking in the manner that we do. If you think negatively and lack to encompass yourself with the goodness of the world, then surely you will drown yourself in that negativity. Imagine your core, your soul as a growing tree, if you keep suppressing your tree of life from the nutrients of your positivity, you have not grown in life, and have not extended your branches to the upper worlds and your ultimate success. The great news is your tree is always striving to grow, it’s natural. It’s only up to you to change the concepts of your mind, and empower your awakening.


Quote of the Day

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“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” 
― E.B. White

Welcome To SowTruth Records

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SowTruth Records is an up and coming independent record company and collective of beat makers, sound designers, audio engineers, artists, poets, and philosophers.

We hope that SowTruth Records can be a place for you to frequently attain a guiding light and inspiration, whether it be insight,  instrumentals for your lyrics, or fresh new samples for your beats.

Come by, check out some videos, listen to some music, leave a comment, share your thoughts. Lets come together, harmonize and build a better today.

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 

― Pablo Picasso